Healthcare is changing and the Health Centre of Excellence
is driving it.

The Health Centre of Excellence (HCOE) is an easily accessible program and community of practice that coordinates skilled expertise and related technology resources for the benefit of Government and not-for-profit health.

Community Of Practice

With easy access to the community being a key driver, the Health Centre of Excellence opens up channels for problem solving strategies and collaboration effort across Government and not-for-profit health.

Within the Health Centre of Excellence, members actively share best practices, expertise and contribute their communal resources through interaction and collaboration.

This community of practice focuses on:

  • Leveraging existing work, assets and knowledge to avoid duplication
  • Identifying and reducing gaps in skills and technology
  • Bringing together and strengthening members
  • Evolving new ideas and developments.

Share More, Duplicate Less

The Health Centre of Excellence is ever-expanding and actively changing the face of healthcare delivery by adding value to Government and not-for-profit health in a number of key ways including:

  • Facilitating collaborative environments
  • Leveraging and optimising existing skilled resources
  • Re-utilising successfully implemented applications
  • Affordable, innovative solutions.

With a focus on reducing costs by avoiding duplication of efforts and the successful delivery of effective initiatives, health services are gaining key insights and seeing measurable results.

No More Gaps

Bridging the gap in health by establishing effective communication, collaboration, leveraging knowledge and technology is what underpins the Health Centre Of Excellence.

The HCOE community is a collaborative environment where existing and bespoke development, support and innovation come together. This ensures that the gap is addressed and initiatives are successfully delivered, through skilled resources and insights gained by previous projects.

Strength Through Unity

Being part of The Health Centre of Excellence allows access to a community with a broad knowledge-base and vital resources.

Government and not-for-profit health reach bespoke solutions and deliver improvements more efficiently through the sharing of resources and knowledge and through practice and participation.

Collaboration Facilitates Innovation

Collaboration empowers Community and Government Health Services and Primary Health Networks with better decision-making skills, successful delivery of innovation and measurable improvements for patients’ care and outcomes.

In a continually changing industry, Community and Government Health Services and Primary Health Networks are invited to join existing Health Centre of Excellence to gain the advantage of better efficiency and ensuring their unique business needs are met.

The Health Centre of Excellence is perfectly equipped to prepare community members with the skills, resources, and opportunities for collaboration that will ensure they remain leaders in their field.

Become Part Of Excellence

The Health Centre of Excellence has a dedicated focus to empower and assist Government and not-for-profit health.

The outcomes are changing the face of healthcare as we know it by presenting effective collaborative opportunities that may not have previously existed.

Already in place in key health sectors and growing rapidly throughout Australia, The Health Centre of Excellence invites you to get in touch with your local HCOE to find out more.